At Impact Design we are well versed in determining an individual's needs, preferences, and personal style. An experienced Chicago-based Interior Designer can help you translate your unique point of view into an environment that compliments your budget and lifestyle.

High End Residential

Luxury, Unpretentious, Elegant

The word residential refers to one's home; their sanctuary. This is the space that should reflect who you are as an individual and everyone's has a different interpretation of this vision. When the client shares this knowledge with an interior designer they will begin to deconstruct in order to reconstruct.


Mixing Styles, Transforming, Sophisticated

Here we are taking an existing structure that has a solid foundation but needs some direction and imagination. We can transform this once simple environment into the client's dream. By listening to the clients needs and function and incorporating their existing pieces, we can create a space that is indicative of the individuals personality and taste.


Risk-Taking, Unique, Visionary

In these environments we not only have the opportunity to bring life into a space but also to create a unique experience for everyone. We take the vision the client has; weather it is based on a theme, concept, or location and transcend it into a experience for all.

Condo + Apartment Design

Fun, Fresh, Modern

As a Chicago Interior Design, condo and apartment design is a new genre that has emerged with its own voice. Here we have the pleasure of having the existing architecture of the building as a basis for the interior design process. In these spaces we need to evaluate the way in with the space is utilized to maximize the square feet in order to meet the needs and vision of its inhabitants.

New Construction

Fresh Palette, Refined, Custom Design

There is something magical about beginning a project from the ground up. You have the opportunity to begin with a fresh palette. With the client's taste and the designer's vision you can create all that you have envisioned become a reality. Impact Design also provides space planning and architectural drawings as well as construction services as well as on-site supervision. We are involved in the project from concept to completion

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