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At Impact Design we are committed to giving you the home that you have always dreamed of. We believe that each home is unique and therefore each client is unique. Through the client's personal taste and the training and experience of the interior designer we are dedicated to creating your ideal environment.

Merchandise Mart Buyer

As a Chicago Interior Designer, the Merchandise Mart is our greatest resource. It houses the most uniquely beautiful and spectacular pieces of furniture that cannot be found anywhere else. Since the Merchandise Mart is a wholesaling center, these amazing pieces cannot be purchased without an Interior Designer. By hiring the expertise of an Interior Designer you not only gain the vision that your space will be professionally designed but also the access to use these furnishings and fabrics in your design.

The Merchandise Mart represents a definite advance in Chicago’s revolutionary role in the development of commercial architecture: a brilliant example of design in its complex function. The original idea of the Merchandise Mart was to make it the wholesaling center of the World. This Art Deco building is bright in color and geometric in form. It has a distinctly modern style with layers of color and a lavish use of gold. The Merchandise Mart has housed interior designs of countless architects and interior designers.

It elevated the quality of your design aesthetic to the next level. ---- Absolutely Amazing

What we do

Interior Designers are well versed in determining an individual's needs, preferences, and personal style. An experienced Chicago-based interior designer can help you translate your taste and unique point of view into a space that compliments your budget and lifestyle.

At Impact Design we believe that this delicate relationship between the designer and the client is the most successful method in making the client's vision a reality. From our passion and commitment to finding the most innovative products to our attention to detail, we are dedicated to ultimate satisfaction.

This Chicago design firm's comprehensive expertise often requires being involved from the beginning stages of development. Many of the aspects of a project need to be custom designed to achieve the desired result. That involves the location of a space, the way each space is going to be utilized, and the space planning of all elements from furniture to artwork will all contribute to the transformation of the client's vision into a reality.

Unlike many other interior design firms, Impact Design also provides architectural drawings for our custom pieces as well as general contracting and/or construction services to our clients as well as all on-site supervision. We will insure that each client has a wonderful experience as they see the space they have envisioned takes life.

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