Traditional at their core but Injected with of-the-moment elements


Eclectic, Smart and Dramatic Surroundings that evoke mood and emotion thru design


Transitional environments that incorporate texture and fabrics to create beautiful patterns


Contemporary elements with bold colorful interiors


Classic & Irreverent

The Lobby / Foyer area is the initial impression a space makes to the world. It sets the tone of design for the space and invites the client into the environment. There are many key design elements that play a role in this transformation. Furniture selection is a crucial design element that connects the people who are entering the Lobby with the architecture. It is juxtaposition of the interior with the exterior that must be seem less and beautiful. The interior design of the Lobby is at the very core of corporate culture. At Impact Design, we select furniture, lighting, window treatments and artwork for the modern business that aspires to create a culture of success and innovation.


Sophisticated & Bold

"Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple that is why it is so complicated." Paul Rand. Complex and Bold at its core, designers are the gateway thru which this transformation occurs. Even the simplest element can evoke sophistication in our surroundings. When all of these design elements are within your space, the emotion that can be created can be very powerful.


Elegant & Timeless

The Kitchen is the room where people come together and share their everyday experiences. Impact Design believes that kitchens should not only be made to look sophisticated and elegant but to be created with acute attention to detail and of the highest quality. Therefore with Kitchens --- Design and Quality of Materials --- go hand in hand. Materials of unsurpassed quality and trend-setting design are intergraded into each Kitchen designed by Impact Design. We implement many innovations from white lacquer to stainless steel.

The possibilities are endless.


Modern & Fresh

Impact Design views bathroom design as a complete bath experience. Every detailed line and every facet is lovingly evaluated for consideration. Drawing from a range of inspirations we strive to create a space that meets the needs of our clients while still pushing the aesthetic envelope.

Residentially or commercially, when it comes to Bath Design Impact Design strives to create contemporary design as well as timeless style.

Unparalleled Products Innovation and Style

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